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Packing Materials

If you're looking for affordable and eco-friendly packing material for your next move, Wooden Packaging Materials may be a good option. Not only are they cheaper than other packing materials, but they're also sustainable since they can be reused and recycled.

There are many advantages to using wood packing material for shipping
    • First, wood is a natural and sustainable material that can be reuse
    • Second, wood is strong and durable, making it a good choice for shipping heavy equipment’s.
    • Third, making it comfortable to handle.

Which wood is used for packing?
    • Pine Wood for Boxes / Pallets / Crates
    • Rubber Wood for Boxes / Crates
    • Jungle Wood for Pallets, Etc…



We are providing all types of packing materials i.e. stretch film, HDPE tarpaulin, VCI packing, HDPE tape, etc…

Here are the most common types:

1. Bubble wrap
2. Stretch Wrap Rolls
3. Steel Straps
4. Dunnage Air Bags (Container Air Bag Packaging) 5. Corrugated L corner
6. Screw Nails
8. Corrugated Roll
9. HDPE Tape
10. Cargo Lashing Belt
11. HDPE Tarpaulin, etc.
12. Packing List Cover And many more

What Is Wooden Packing Materials?
Wooden Packing Materials is a very versatile and efficient packaging material. It offers numerous environmental benefits that make it easier to use for shipping. Over time, the use of timber has seen a huge increase in popularity because it adds a lot of value throughout all of the chain. Wooden Crates containers used for cargo as well as shipping.

1. HM Cover/ HDPE Cover
We have been instrumental in providing HDPE Covers to our customers. The covers are constructed from premium polythene. The production process is made with high-tech equipment and modern techniques to ensure our product's high quality and quality.

2. PP Sheet (Polypropylene Corrugated Sheet)
We provide a top-quality approved selection of Polypropylene Corrugated sheets. They are extensively used in making mounting boards, floor guards, advertising danglers, POP display boards, and numerous others.

3. Steel Straps
This Cold Rolled High Tensile Steel strapping is specially heat-treated to provide the highest strength and durability for packaging applications. High gloss wax is applied to transmit tension and then cured with an infrared wave curing process. Other products like an entire range of steels for metal and strapping equipment are offered to our valuable customers.

4. Frame Buckle
The buckle, also known as a clasp, connects two loose ends with one end tacked to it while the catch holds the other in a secure and adjustable method.

5. Stretch Film
Stretch wrap, also known as a stretch film, can be described as an elastic-plastic film wrapped around objects. The elastic backing keeps the items in tighter bonds. Contrary to shrink wrap, it is wrapped loosely around an item and shrinks when heated.

6. Packing Seal
We using premium quality Packing Seal which is specially designed for sealing rods, pistons and plungers in Hydraulic Cylinders and Hydraulic presses.

They are extremely suitable for medium to heavy duty applications. Packing Seal can stand low and high pressures, extreme conditions and can also be used in the event of gap is not aligned properly between the sealing gaps.

7. Cord Strap
With our vast knowledge and experience in the industry we are providing high-quality Cord Strapping. It is utilized for bundling, containerization and Flexible Track securement and palletizing, as well as other applications. This strapping is produced using top quality raw materials and the latest technology under the guidance of highly skilled professionals

8. Ratchet Lashing Belt
Available with us is an extensive assortment of Polyester Ratchet Lashing.

9. Automatic Steel Strapping Machine
Based on our affluent production facilities that we have, we are providing a variety of Automatic Steel Strapping Machine.

10. Corrugated Angles
Experts put in a lot of effort and provide the best Corrugated Angle. This angle is excellent for finishing and is not damaged by high pressure.

The angle is offered to customers in perfect sizes. Additionally they are also superior in high-quality and provided to customers according to their requirements.

11. Dunnage Air Bag
Dunnage Air Bags can be essentially big Air Bags that provide stability to boxes and Pallets on top of they cargo. Air Bags are positioned in spaces between the Cargo and Inflate by compressed air in only a couple of seconds , filling the space and giving a cushioning feel stopping any mechanical damage to containers and the material in the Cargo.

In many cases, only the use of a handful of Air Bags are needed to ensure the safety of even the biggest cargo. With Dunnage Air bag you are assured that your shipment will arrive intact at their destination.

12. Metal Clip
We keep track of the latest developments in the market we are giving our customers a premium selection of Metal Clip.